Here are some testimonials from our patients

An Understanding and Human Orthopedist

I have been dreaming for a long time to finally have an understanding and humanistic orthopedist. He is a specialist who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks to him, I will have my knee reconstruction in the next few weeks. This man has an incredible expertise....

What a Specialist

An ACL specialist. I was operated on twice (ACL and internal meniscus). He is very close to his patients (calm, patient, respectful, experienced, humble, takes the time to answer questions), meticulous (beautiful scars), quick operations in the city, very good follow-up and makes sure his patients are well equipped for a good rehabilitation. Good orthopedist + Good physiotherapist + Patient exercises = Success. I highly recommend him!


I had a meniscectomy three weeks ago performed by Dr. Masri. I am delighted! Dr. Masri is kind, he explains very well and calmly, and he takes the time necessary to answer questions. Furthermore, he is an excellent surgeon surrounded by a great team. Only